Marino Novello is a designer, an architect and a landscaper, was born in Calcinato (Brescia IT) the 12th of July 1956. He graduated at the Art Institute of Guidizzolo in Mantova, with Prof. Dal Prato, Prof. Monici and Prof. Cavallara, a group of famous Italian experts in the artistic, painting and architectural fields. After a reasearch period in the painting sector, he addressed himself in the architectural design and in projects, also in landscape field beginning to project, gardens and parks for italians companies and architecture under a new philosofy of landscaping called “Third Millenium Green Engeneiring” which has been synthesized in the book “The research of the precious and fantastic marvellous garden” of Marino Novello.


He also start creating a collection named “Unici di Novello” that includes systems artworks, plants, and special objects that many of them are under trade mark registered, with these items the artist Marino Novello realized his own intervention in the landscaping. Systems as the “Ring” integrated distribution systems on territory; Creation of artworks as “Quinta”, green pre-build structures to realize scenographies and green architecture; Objects as special trees, lamps, garden fornitures, gazebos and pots. In 1985 the artist found Novello Giardini Italiani, a company based in Montichiari (Brescia IT) designing exclusive gardens and parks for over 30 years in different countries in Europe, Africa and Asia.


As the big names of Italian tailoring in the early eighties created an evolution in the field of fashion with the Prêt-à-porter, Novello with his Team on the field of landscapes creates "effect ready" gardens. Realizations that allow him to get a great experience in design and creation of landscapes in different climatic situations with temperatures that goes from - 50°C to + 50°C. He as well designed architectural under the philosofic rules of reciprocity, build up without upset the sceneries. Over the years Marino Novello has designed, and also created, 3.000.247 sqm of residential and industrial buildings and almost 4.000.000 smq of landscapes and exclusive gardens.

1992 - Designed the all green areas in Sirmione (Garda Lake, Italy)
1993 - Realized a Golf Club from a swamp (Tuscany, Italy)
1994 - Designed Lamiflex, a factory for the advanced technology (Milano, Italy)
2000 - Created the integrated plant distribution system named “Ring”
2001 - Designed and created the “Quinta”
2002 - Saved centenary trees that later on became alive sculptures
2003 – Designed and created the “Floating Garden”, an example of green artificial island on which is possible to build on it villages, gardens, ect.
2004 - Created an intervention in the desert with exclusive landscapes taling care as well of the achitectural upgrade (Red Sea, Egypt).
2005 - Designed “Rain City, Green City” a complete project man-sized and green-friendly which implements high quality standard of living.
2006 - Project the head-quarter of First Security Group (Dubai, UAE)
2007 - Designed many private villas (Dubai, Moscow, Italy, Cote d’Azur, Kazakhstan)
2007 - Designed the renovation of Palazzo Novello (Brescia, Italy)
2008 - Designed the accomodation hotel for 4000 people respecting tradition and local roles.
2010 - Won the Award for the most beautiful beach in Italy (Venice, Italy)
2011 - Designed the landscape for “Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel” (Baku, Azerbaijan)
2011 - Requalification and renovation plan for the “Pangianii Resort” (Pune, India)
2012 – Landscape project of ministry of Education in Kurdistan (Erbil, Iraq)
2013 - Created the “Smart Garden”, the system to control the automation process and the green health. 
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